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The Team (12)


Sofronis Sofroniou is a Cypriot writer. He studied Psychology at the University of Cyprus and Neuroscience at the City University of New York.

He worked as a researcher at Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Neurology. His first novel, The Progenitors (Rodakio), received the National Award of Literature in Cyprus and the Best Newcomer Novelist Award from the Hellenic Authors’ Society (2016). His second novel, Crude Iron, was published by Antipodes. He is also an avid cinephile and a DJ.

Yvonne Zachariou

Yvonne Zachariou is a young photographer and filmmaker from Limassol, Cyprus currently studying at De Montfort University in Leicester, England.
She is particularly interested in portraiture and studio work.

Michalis Poltou

Ancient History : owner of the ‘JAZZY’ bar and Jazz & Blues club ‘UPSTAIRS’ . Musical producer at Sky Radio.
Middle Ages :  Music supervisor at  ‘EL NINIO’ beach bar,  ‘The BAR’ underground scene , ‘GRAFFITI’ ethnic lounge bar, ‘KASHMIR LOUNGE’, ‘KRAFT’ bar,  ‘127’ café,  ‘EXIT’ bar, ‘SEPIA’
Present:  Founder of the T-shirt  Brand ‘theTicon+ project’ since 2013 and owner of the DOM concept Store.
Moto concerning music: Since music is the food of the soul, like you don’t feed the body with kebab every day it’s not healthy to listen to the same music all the time…

Skevi Laou

Skevi Laou is an avid artist and photographer based in Cyprus. She was awarded a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts at the UCA (University of Creative Arts) and also has an MA in Photography. She experiments with stock photography in her current work while being a freelance photographer and a teacher.

Her notion of art is that while others search for beauty, beauty is present everywhere at any given time. Passionate about photography and travelling, she practises both and collects memories which are translated into her work having been showcased in a travel photography exhibition.

Ana Perfeito

Ana Perfeito is a filmmaker and visual artist from Portugal, graduated in Sciences of Communication (Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal) and with a diploma course in Cinematography (RESTART School, Lisbon.)
Ana has been working in several different projects across Europe. She developed short-documentaries, experimental short-films, AV Performances and photography exhibitions. She likes to experiment new media technology and the main subjects of her work are sustainability.
She is temporary living in Nicosia and working for a Cypriot film company that produces archeology documentaries. In Lemesos International Documentary Festival 2017 Ana will be creating a short video about the event.

Yiorgos Ioannou

Born in Nicosia Cyprus.
He studied in Athens Greece at the Hellenic conservatory of music vocal coaching and classical guitar. For many years after that he played with his band in numerous festivals and live music venues in Cyprus and abroad.
In 2006 and for the following ten years he works as a manager at Theatro Ena(2nd Municipal Market)in Limassol organizing musical concerts, theatrical plays, dance projects and many more.

Effie Gavriel

Effie Gavriel was born in 1980 and holds a Degree in English Language and Literature with specialization in Applied Linguistics and an M.Sc. in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics and Social Sciences.
She has strong working experience in translations and proofreading in the fields of subtitling, politics, sustainable development, history, education, literary theory, medicine, pharmaceutics and funding proposals through
Effieis a keen believer in the role of active citizens towards positive social change and considers the International Documentary Festival a great example of such an initiative.
She has been actively engaged in policy making on youth topics within European Union’s structures and in peace building process within the communities in Cyprus.
She is a cinema lover and is a dedicated volunteer at theLarnaka Cinema Society. She also teaches Professional and Academic English, reads and travels passionately.

Yiannis Ioannides

Yianni was born in Limassol on October of 1968.

He studied Fine Arts and Jewelry design in London.

For the last 25 years he has been teaching Wing Chun and Tai Chi.

In 1993 he managed an alternative bar in Limassol hosting live jazz musicians; photo exhibitions; art gallery, poetry sessions and movie presentations. Other productions like dance theatre were successfully presented overseas; and also hip hop and break dance crews.

Yianni also followed workshops in Cinematography and Scrip Writing.

This motivated him to take part in the Lemesos International Documentary Festival acting as Coordinator and Production Assistant which he has successfully achieved over the last 10 years.

He also has also participated at the Cyprus Film Days IFF and International Short Film Festival of Cyprus (ISFFC), both of which are organized by the Ministry of Culture and Rialto Theatre.

Ioannis Soulos

Growing up at the dawn of private Greek TV, he watched hours of subtitled films, until he was able to comprehend foreign languages and laugh/get irritated with subtitle errors in the big screen. Motivated by the fun subs movement, he started volunteering in cinema festivals and stills gathers experience in various live subtitle projection events. Father of two lovely girls, member of "The Fellowship of Johns", with a background in translation and interpretation, likes reading, swimming, films and subtitles.

Despina Kannourou

Despina received an MA in Communication design from Central Saint Martins (London) in 2007. Prior to that, she studied Communication Design at a very different institution in Moscow. Stroganof University - from where she received her BA - is one of Russias historic schools that bred Russian constructivist artists.

After many years of living and studying abroad, Despina moved back to her hometown Limassol, in 2011. There, she set up her own studio where she works with both local and international clients mainly within the creative industry.