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Docs Talk 2011

Friday 05.08.2011
10:00 – 13:00

Master Class: Leonard Retel Helmrich’s Single Shot Cinema

Jasper Naaijkens, editor of Leonard Retel Helmrich’s award winning film Position Among The Stars, will present the Single Shot Cinema Technique, a method of cinematography that was invented and developed by the director himself. Leonard Retel Helmrich's films have been praised worldwide and the filmmaker himself bases his success on this self-invented method of filmmaking.

Single Shot Cinema is a way of filming that enables you to shoot a scene in one single shot using just one camera moving flexible in order to have all the different camera angles that expresses the filmmaker’s personal feeling and perception of that moment.
Single Shot Cinema allows the camera to pan or tilt slowly or quickly, use tracking shots or close ups and shoot en face or en profile. All of this is done in a stable, but flexible motion in one continuous shot. This allows the filmmaker to express his personal experience and perception of the situation in question. The camera itself becomes the main instrument for the director’s creative expression.

Present at the Master Class will be the producer of Leonard Retel Helmrich’s films, Hetty Naaijkens, who will talk about the issues of production and development in relation to his films.

This is a rare opportunity to participate in a Master Class on one of the most interesting and innovative documentary makers around today.


16:00 – 18:00

Presentation: Rada Sesic

Acclaimed festival programmer, lecturer and film author Rada Sesic will attend the Festival in her capacity as the main selector of the documentary competition at Sarajevo Film Festival (, one of the programmers at IDFA in Amsterdam (, IFFR Rotterdam ( and the programming director of a new film festival in Utrecht Eastern Neighbours ( In the presentation, Sesic will give information about festival participation, selection process and about various international workshops and initiatives which the filmmakers can become involved in. Focusing especially on Rough Cut Boutique, a new initiative of Sarajevo FF, for documentary film makers to which Cypriots can also apply.

In addition to the presentation, selected projects (following application procedure) will be discussed with Rada Sesic in dedicated, scheduled one-to-one meetings. Filmmakers who have a completed or have a near completion film are encouraged to apply. The meetings will be scheduled between 16:00 and 18:00 on Saturday the 6th of August.

Rada Sesic, born in Croatia, studied and worked in Sarajevo/Bosnia and Herzegovina, lives in Utrecht/The Netherlands since 1993. She is a film maker, critic, curator and a film lecturer. Selects films for IDFA and IFFR, takes part of Jan Vrijman fund and Hubert Bals Fund. Heads the documentary competition at the Sarajevo FF, and programs European films for Kerala IFFK in India. Program advisor on Balkan countries for Dok Leipzig, head of programming at Eastern Neighbours film festival in Utrecht. Tutors at several workshops in Europe and India, organized by EDN. Has directed four shorts and docs in The Netherlands, won several awards, participated in more than 40 festivals. Was teaching for seven years at the University of Amsterdam, gives workshops at the Dutch Film Academy- NFA, guest lecturers at film schools in Geneva, Srishti in Bangalore and Anadolu University in Turkey. Her films were screened and archived at MoMa in New York.


Saturday 06.08.2011
10:00 – 15:00

SOURCES 2 Seminar: ‘Writing Documentary’

‘Sources 2’ adviser Arash T. Riahi will guide a one-day seminar focusing on concept development, storytelling and scriptwriting of feature-length documentaries. The target group is documentary filmmakers (directors, producers etc). The seminar will focus on supporting indigenous stories of interest to a European audience and with production potential. Ideally, the story should be rooted in the social and cultural backgrounds of its writer yet also have a cross-cultural appeal. The broad objective is to contribute to a higher standard of European film production and to win back European audiences for European films, both in the cinema and on television.

Stimulating OUtstanding Resources for Creative European Screenwriting

The Source of Quality Scripts in Europe
SOURCES 2 is an advanced training programme offering script development workshops in the European Community for professional screenwriters and teams of writers and co-writers, producers or directors working on a specific fiction film or creative documentary project with universal relevance and appeal! Between 1992 and 2011, the Dutch Foundation SOURCES has realized more than 70 workshops in 19 European
countries, supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Community and its partners, representing public and private organizations throughout Europe. The SOURCES 2 network includes film professionals from 25 countries. Since 1996, SOURCES 2 has been operating from Amsterdam and Berlin. SOURCES 2 offers more than mere training; its unique mentoring approach has proven to be extremely
successful and has helped to bring a considerable number of European films to the screen.

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