Effie Gavriel

Effie Gavriel was born in 1980 and holds a Degree in English Language and Literature with specialization in Applied Linguistics and an M.Sc. in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics and Social Sciences.
She has strong working experience in translations and proofreading in the fields of subtitling, politics, sustainable development, history, education, literary theory, medicine, pharmaceutics and funding proposals through LINGUAFISH.com.
Effieis a keen believer in the role of active citizens towards positive social change and considers the International Documentary Festival a great example of such an initiative.
She has been actively engaged in policy making on youth topics within European Union’s structures and in peace building process within the communities in Cyprus.
She is a cinema lover and is a dedicated volunteer at theLarnaka Cinema Society. She also teaches Professional and Academic English, reads and travels passionately.